The Best Solar Street Light Suppliers In Australia

In a country with so much sunshine all year round, it only makes sense to take advantage of all that sun and light up the streets and outdoor areas using solar power. With a firm focus on renewable energies and saving the planet, it’s also the right direction to go.

Whether you’re a council, government department, contractor, developer or mining company and you’re interested in solar street lighting or outdoor lighting that’s solar powered, you’re probably wondering who are the best solar street light providers in Australia. That’s what we’ll be covering in this post, with overviews of some of the top choices in no particular order.

Orca Solar Lighting

Orca Solar Lighting has proudly worked with some of the biggest companies in Australia, boasting clients such as BHP Billiton, Department of Defence, Rio Tinto, Blue Scope Steel, the Queensland Government and many more.

The company also holds the Localbuy and the Local Government Procurement preferred supplier status for solar street lighting in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory. This enables councils, state government and educational facilities to purchase solar lighting without having to go to tender or obtain three quotes, with the peace of mind they are purchasing on the best possible terms from a reputable supplier.

Large projects or small, Orca Solar Lighting covers the entire spectrum. This Queensland based company supplies off grid lighting solutions Australia wide for major roads projects, smaller streets, wharves and jetties, car parks, pathways, walkways, parks, bike ways, along with temporary lighting for road works and construction projects.

Along with more conventional style solar street and outdoor lighting, they are a big supplier of solar powered bollards, which are perfect low-level lights for parks, outdoor areas in shopping centres, pathways and so on. The bollards offer soft lighting that is attractive and sets an ambient mood, ideal for resorts, retirement villages and campgrounds.

With such a large number of projects under their belt, some of them projects on a grand scale, and all the big-name companies Orca Solar has supplied lighting to, they are definitely one of the very best suppliers of solar powered outdoor lighting in Australia.

Company Features At a Glance:

  • Has worked with some of the country’s biggest organisations and companies
  • The solar street lighting supplier of choice with local governments in 4 states and territories
  • Australian owned and operated company
  • Caters to large lighting projects and small
  • Orca provides solar powered lighting for just about all outdoor applications
  • Temporary, relocatable solar lighting for constructions sites and road works
  • Offers the highest reliability for the lowest lifecycle cost
  • Provider of solar powered lighting since 2007

Solar Street Lights Australia

Based in Melbourne, Solar Street Lights Australia designs, manufactures and installs street lights nationwide. Some of the applications the company supplies solar powered street lighting for are car parks, marinas, walkways, roads and construction sites, to name a few.

Solar Street Lights Australia also boasts a range of outdoor solar powered lighting with motion sensors. A great solution for low traffic areas, such as parks or around the home, as having the lights only come on when necessary really does prolong the battery life.

Company Features At a Glance:

  • Solar Street Lights Australia is both Australian operated and Aussie owned
  • The company also supplies solar powered outdoor lighting with motion sensors
  • They provide street lighting for multiple types of projects Australia wide
  • Street lighting solutions with solar powered security cameras
  • 3 year warranty
  • Brightness adjustable lighting
  • Easy Installation

Orion Solar

Orion Solar is another major solar lighting supplier based out of the Gold Coast in Queensland.

While solar powered street lighting is one of the main focuses of Orion Solar, they also provide solar lights for other industries and applications as well, such as marine, mining, construction, outdoor lighting and aviation.

Orion likes to specialise in supplying solar powered street lighting to rural and remote areas, where getting on the grid is often either very costly or near impossible. Solar powered lighting provided by the Team at Orion Solar provides the ultimate environmentally friendly solution.

Company Features At a Glance:

  • Australian owned and operated company
  • Offers a broad range of solar lighting solutions, with street lighting being one of them
  • Focuses on servicing more remote areas to provide them with street lighting where conventional lighting isn’t always possible
  • Saves the client money with no trenching or expensive cabling costs
  • 10 year industrial grade warranty
  • Brightness levels match AC powered street lighting

Solar Lighting Designs

Solar Lighting Designs will design, manufacture, supply and install solar powered street lighting for commercial purposes. They have outlets in 4 main locations, including Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

Some of the applications they supply outdoor solar powered lighting for are roads, car parks, walkways, deck lights, road lane markers, pathways, parks and outdoor security lighting. The company even provides custom designed solar powered lighting for things like billboards and highlighting artwork.

Solar Lighting Designs prides itself on offering high quality, superior solar lighting solutions at very fair prices, and also accentuates the fact that they are supplying products that are kind to the environment. That’s a very big selling point these days.

Company Features At a Glance:

  • Solar lighting designs has outlets in 4 major Australian cities
  • The company is 100% Australian owned and operated
  • Provides a very broad selection of outdoor solar powered lighting for multiple applications, including street lighting
  • The outdoor lighting is very fast and easy to install, saving clients money on installation costs
  • Has a firm focus on customer service and exceeding expectations
  • Provides street lighting for big companies such as DHL, CSR, AGL, Westfield, CSIRO, Stockland and more


There are quite a few companies Australia wide that specialise in supplying and installing high quality solar powered street lighting, as well as solar lighting for other purposes. This post has highlighted 4 of the biggest and best there is. The right fit for you may depend on location and your individual requirements.

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