The Best Adventures for 4×4 Drivers in Western Australia

Do you love the thrill of nature and the roar of an engine?

If your passion is driving your 4WD, test your nerve with some of the most thrilling 4WD trails in the world and enjoy stunning scenery along the way. 

Enjoy arid ranges, tranquil oasis and timeless outback landscapes. 

Ride through shifting sand dunes and see the best that Western Australia has to offer through these incredible rides.

Here are the BEST adventures for 4×4 drivers in Western Australia.

West Kimberley Crossing

If you have some time to spare for a long ride, then the West Kimberley Crossing is a good choice. 

This is a long trail, which covers a distance of 1135kms, It works well when stretched over four legs.

Part 1: 222km from Broome > Derby

Part 2: 295km from Derby > Fitzroy Crossing

Part 3: 40km from Fitzroy Crossing > Geikie Gorge

Part 4: 396km from Fitzroy Crossing > Broome

If you follow this route you will find some amazing hidden gems, including the Tunnel Creek, Windjana Gorge, and Geikie Gorge. 

It’s an enjoyable ride. If you take some time to look around at the main attractions, it will take 5 days to complete it.

There are some moderately difficult areas with mud, gravel, and dirt. The route is best tackled between the months of May through September.

A Short Ride from Yeagarup Dunes to Warren Beach Track

This short track in Pemberton takes you to the sand dunes that stretch along the coastline. It’s about 6km in length, and starts on a gravel road, then turns to sand when you reach the coast. The route may be short, but it is challenging. 

According to Philip Hutchinson of BTB Concrete Pump, who uses his vehicle every day, it’s easy to assume your 4WD can handle the load because you’re used to city driving. He says “make sure that your 4WD is in top condition. Also, the route is best tackled when you’re in a group, in case one of the 4WDs gets stuck along the way. Have a good winch at hand, for recovery purposes. Drive carefully and be sure to have a sandflag mounted.” 

This track is best used between the months of September and April. If the mouth of the Warren River is blocked, it is possible to go around it. 

D’Entrecasteaux National Park

The track around Lake Jasper takes just 30 minutes to traverse, but it’s fun and easy to navigate during the warmer months. 

When the weather is wet, there is a chance you’ll come across mud and water crossings, which can be a bit of a challenge.

It’s a good idea to walk down the path at least once before driving through it, to get a feel for the area.

Winter rides offer the opportunity to see some lush vegetation. If you visit during the summer, you can enjoy a dip in the lake. 

There are more tracks further along that take visitors to the beach, too.

Perth plumber Craig Beardsworth believes that there is no bad time to visit Western Australia. He says, “there’s no better spot in the world. If you can’t live here, you’ve got to visit. The only way to see it all is on the open road.”

The MundAI

This is a relatively new track constructed by the WA 4WD Association. It’s a staggering 3,500km extension to the existing route that goes from Albany to Kalgoorlie-Boulter, then Mingenew and Mount Magnet, before heading back to Mundaring. 

It’s open to all riders and has sections to suit drivers of all skill levels. 

The start of the track goes from Perth to Albany. The total length of the route, including the new section, is 4,200km. 

There are more waypoints to come. The track is made up of bitumen, unsealed roads, station tracks, and existing drives. 

All told, it should take about 6 weeks to navigate the entire route—perfect if you’re looking for an extended summer break. Alternatively, you can dip in and out at any time. Take on sections every year until you have done the full route. 


There’s nothing quite like the freedom of the open road. Start planning your next adventure with your 4×4. Get off the beaten track and away from the daily grind. Explore the pristine and untouched corners of Australia. Reconnect with the land and yourself. 

Whatever time of year it is, I think it’s time for a change. It’s time for adventure. 

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