CreditWorks: Providing The Best Company Credit Checks in New Zealand

The company is a resource for businesses to be able to determine which companies they are doing business with and their trustworthiness. This small firm of experts started off with the goal of providing transparency in business credit reporting and information. To date they have helped thousands of businesses to access the information that they need to determine if they will do business with certain companies or extend credit to them. Even though this company is quite small, they offer solutions that every business needs in order to access the reports that they need and should review before extending credit to other companies. provides a full range of services for businesses including:

Trade Debtor Credit Reporting / Monitoring

This company can offer your company credit reporting with the assistance of CRISworks which is an internet-based commercial credit reporting system. This data provides the most up to date information available through a reporting system established in 1998. There is a strict code of practice which provides the information. Some of the information collected includes the structure and credit habits of potential customers. This information is particularly helpful because it can help to protect companies against extending credit to other companies that may never pay them back and which they will have to write off as a bad debt. This information is collected by examining customer lists and collating information collected from trading records. Other adverse information can be collected regarding potential customers such as any court judgments or existing bad debts in the public record. By providing the most recent information to companies, they can avoid the risk of becoming involved with customers that are high risk which can assist in reducing debt loss to businesses.

Market Analysis Reports for Debt Risk

Creditworks provides a risk profile of all the industry sectors in NZ. This tool is handy to determine what a certain industry’s level of risk will be to a company that is the supplier. These graphs are updated monthly so businesses can see if there is movement in a risk profile for their sector. They can also provide an analysis of a company’s ledger regarding overall risk through aged trial balances. There is much value in these reports and every company should review them before they move forward with a partnership of any sort.


PPSR is a difficult aspect of credit because registrations need to be accurate so that any changes at the companies office can be noted, and amendments are made to registrations when necessary. This can be a lot of work for the average business owner, so CreditWorks can deal with this on your behalf. They can ensure that any of your chattels are labelled correctly so that you are able to repossess them if required. The PPSR or personal property security registry is an important resource because it contains the information regarding chattel that is encumbered. If you are a business that is selling items to other companies or individuals on credit then you will want to have that information registered in the PPSR so that you will not lose money.

Trade Credit Insurance

If your company is concerned about defaults, CreditWorks also offers access to insurance companies that specialize in insurance for these situations. It can be difficult to source the right insurance providers for this type of insurance so CreditWorks does all the legwork, saving time for your company. Most business owners have plenty on their plate and do not have time to deal with the small details. It is important to not ignore the need for this type of insurance because your company needs to have the right coverage for a wide range of situations.

Financial Solutions

CreditWorks will save you time and money in several different ways. They can partner with you to purchase any debtors that your business has in order to provide you with the cash flow that you need. By converting your debtors into cash, you can continue on with business that might have been impeded with bad debts in the past. CreditWorks can collect debts and provide all debt payments directly to your company.

Construction Retentions Policy

If your company is the main contractor or a sub-contractor, money must be held back to ensure that work is passed before payout. The value of these funds might be as much as 10% of the contract price and this can create a large part of a company’s receivables. CreditWorks protects these assets in the event that the main contractor is insolvent or defaults on paying out retained funds. This provides an advantage to contractors who want to deal with a company that protects the money that they are holding in trust. It also helps to improve cash flow.

Companies have many needs when they are doing business, especially where credit is concerned, and cash flow is an issue. Trying to collect bad debts is an issue and trying to ensure that the companies that you will partner with are reliable can be time-consuming. A company that can handle all of these types of things is important and CreditWorks has many different services for the average company that will help them to retain their credit and rating in the business community. It is important to all of the required legwork for your company with creditors and debtors so that you can do what you do best, run your business.

CreditWorks has been simmering in the background, providing services for many different types of businesses for quite some time. The services that this company provides are essential for anyone who carries on business. It is a great idea to contact them to find out what services your company can access and how those services can help your business to get to the top of your industry and stay there.  Get in touch with CreditWorks to learn more about their wide range of services to see what you need for your company to ensure that you are operating with the best advantages available to you.

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