Customer|Care New Zealand; Providing The Best Insight Into Your Customers Behavior

Customer Care Limited is a market research company that helps businesses by creating a mystery shopping program that identifies areas where a business needs improvement in order to make their customer experience excellent. Customer Care Limited believes that it is important to make things easy and that is why they offer their services without contracts or set up fees. Conducting market research for Australian and New Zealand businesses is at the heart of this company’s mission.  Customer Care provides top quality mystery shopping services at an affordable price so that the customers that can most benefit from their services can access them.

Image from Customer Care NZ

The origins of Customer Care NZ

Diane Rudin and Judy Cormack founded Customer Care in 1992. Diane has a background in retail management and Judy’s background is in marketing management and together they have developed mystery shopping programmes that are useful to businesses. In the early stages of this business the programme was paper based with surveys posted, written out by hand and posted back to the head office to be checked and a report generated. Diane understands the advantages of accessing mystery shopping online and started to develop the system that Customer Care still uses today.

Customer Care was sold by Diane and Judy to Melissa Wilson and Richard Lake in 2005. They worked to transform the system of Customer Care from a paper-based system to one that is run entirely online. They managed to expand the customer base and offer many different types of market research to them. In 2014, the business was purchased by Helen Hood and Peter Gilroy who are passionate about the business and have several key skills needed to manage customer service, complete sales training and manage business performance. Customers all benefit from the program because they learn about the various ways that they can improve their customer service.

Market research to drive results

Customer Care takes pride in their ability to offer services that are customized to clients using market research. They take pride in their ability to deliver data to the customer that is reliable using the experience that they have with your website. It is the aim of every business to have a website that is user friendly. The best way to find out if your site is as user friendly as it should be, you need the data that reflect the experience that the end users have with the website. This data should include the experience that they have making a purchase or getting more information about a website.

Customer Care knows that the experience of the end users affects the conversion rate of a website and ultimately the business connected to that site. Customer Care is dedicated to getting the most objective picture of your website by providing full reports so that a business owner can understand customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction and make the necessary changes to ensure the website is operating to its full and best potential.

This research provides a better understanding of the experience that a user of your company website has. The entire process starts with locating your website, navigating it, making a purchase, navigating the checkout process, whatever follow up there is and then seeing how long the delivery takes.

Customised solutions

Customer Care will work on a customised programme for your business to obtain the data required to make the necessary adjustments so that you can get better results online and have more customers ordering your products and/or services. Some of the things that Customer Care will look at are the design of the website and the ease of which it can be used as well as how easy it is to locate products. If the shopping care is not user friendly, that will need to be fixed. Customer Care works with the business owner on all aspects of their website to ensure that everything that needs improvement will be completed.

The main plan is for Customer Care to work with you to create a questionnaire that measures the key drivers of the online performance of your website – all free of charge. The next step is to load the questionnaire onto the platform complete with the branding and logos of the company and then an evaluation is completed again, at no cost to the company. If it is required Customer Care will make changes that are required to ensure that the questionnaire is capturing the data that is needed. The next step is for Mystery Shoppers to be recruited to complete the process and with over 2500 shoppers within New Zealand alone, these shoppers can be refined within a certain demographic if it is needed.

Instructions are provided to the shopper and then they begin the process of evaluating the website. All parts of the site are tested, including specific features. If your site has Live Chat, it is tested by real users and emails are sent to test how long responses take to be sent. Once the shoppers have completed their online exploration of your site, you receive a report by email in PDF format so that you can see the data that was collected regarding your website. Customers are also able to access the data with a username and password to see the reporting and use a customised dashboard that lets you or your staff view the information collected regarding your website.

Effective competitor analysis

It is important to understand your competitors and to be able to stay on top of what they are doing through social media. You want to know what prices competitors want for their products as well as being able to stay in line with price demands.  Mystery audits that are used to analyze every aspect of your online business. The competitor analysis conducted by Customer Care is suitable for many different industries. The mystery shopping service offered by Customer Care provides the complete picture for business owners so that they can better understand what they face when it comes to their customers.  Mystery shopping shows weaknesses in businesses, but it also shows strengths. When you understand your business and your competitors it helps you to stay ahead of the competition and create a better experience for your customers.

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