Dwyer Property Investments: The Best Property Investment Consultants, Sunshine Coast

Wayne Dwyer is the owner of Dwyer Quality Homes, a company that offers a specialised product for people who want to purchase real estate as an investment. Wayne saw that buyers of investment homes were increasing, and he saw the need for a service and a product for people who want to become investors in real property. Wayne’s brother Jason has a background in property, finance and marketing and the two brothers set up this company – Dwyer Property Investments to assist investors with the involved process of property investment.

Market research at the core of services

Jason Dwyer conducts detailed research of a potential area with all of the necessary stats including rental costs and growth. His uncanny ability to choose key areas that have the quickest growth in the area, and he can secure the best lots in the most desirable areas due to his amazing relationships with the top land developers in the country.

Curious investors can obtain a free download which is a property investing starter pack consisting of the detailed instructions for an investment that can be made without any risk of a vacancy using the 3 year rental guarantee offered by Dwyer Property Investments. It includes the methods used by Jason and Wayne to select the locations that they choose.  Also included are seven tips that anyone should know before they invest in property which is based on over 30 years of building properties for investment.

Jason was not happy to build just average homes, so he went to work and designed homes that tenants would want to live in and maximized the rental yield of the investors. Jason went to work creating Dwyer Property Investment packages so that investors who were searching from properties to invest in and have tenants move into quickly could see a return on their investment quickly. He created turnkey packages to attract good tenants at reasonable rents. Jason designed fully inclusive packages without the extra costs for Dwyer Property Investments.

A 3 year rental guarantee to ease fears

Jason’s hard work and packages of information were designed to help investors to overcome their fears. Investors do not want to invest in property only to have that property sit untenanted and not bringing in any rental income.  Dwyer Property Investments dealt with that possible fear by offering their famous 3-year rental guarantee to investors. Any competitors of this company may have had offers that looked similar, but they were more expensive in the end and were offered with a fee to join and another Property Management fee added on top. Jason’s carefully designed 3-year rental guarantee is offered free of fees which provides a fixed price for the total rental income which provides comfort for the investor, so they are not hesitant to invest.

A network of property investment professionals

Jason has worked hard to develop a wide network of professionals who work together with him and Dwyer Property Investments to help his clients to navigate the process of property investment. These relationships are business to business which means that referral fees are not paid to or removed from the Dwyer Property Investments network. This translates to no extra fees to clients and quite often the professional network provides discounted rates to the clients of Dwyer Property Investments.

Jason Dwyer has worked tirelessly with his team, creating a business model with helps clients to invest in a solid property with a location that is risk free. The entire process is simplified because the investor is rewarded with solid returns with the rentals and the value of the property continues to increase in the meantime.

30 years’ experience in the investment property industry

Dwyer Property Investment has many first-time investors as clients. These clients are keen to know more about the process by accessing the expertise and services being offered by Dwyer. Seasoned investors want to build property portfolios because they can spot a product that they see as quality and know that the service is provided by a reputable company.  In fact, Dwyer has been around for 30 years and has been providing solid investment options for people for all that time.

Property investment criteria

The criteria of Dwyer Property Investments for investment properties is one that they strictly adhere to. The strategy that this company has devised is fool proof and has a primary level checklist that contains items that the properties must have. The secondary checklist is a lot more subjective and examines properties case by case. There are factors that have an impact on the properties as well as the potential for capital growth and the rental yields.

The primary criteria include that the area is researched in detail. The area must be a “hot spot” where tenants want to live. The area must have steady population growth with a workforce in multiple industries. There also must be government investment in the area’s infrastructure now and planned. There should be retail projects underway or in the approval process. Also, very important is the access for residents of the project to have access to public transport so that they can access work. The main road or local road network should be easily accessed from the residential area. Equally important is a close proximity to local schools and recreation facilities.

The secondary criteria of the residential area is that it is desirable. There really is no point in building homes for the rental market if no one wants to live in the area. There should be access to leisure activities close by such as beach, sports, movies, rivers, sports complexes, etc.  If the area is popular then people will come looking, with cash in hand, to rent a property in the area. If the area is desirable for tenants, a place where they want to live and play, and close to their place of work, then you have a place that will be sought after by high quality tenants.

Dwyer Property Investments, because they have such strict parameters, can provide a guarantee to their clients for a specific rental yield, creating wealth for their clients.  First time property investors would be well advised to invest with this company because of their solid guarantees.

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