LifestyleFocus Rebranded as Pestrol For The Best Lifestyle products In New Zealand

Pestrol products has updated their website recently to sell a wider range of products. In fact, the company is now called Lifestyle Focus and has been supplying many different types of both home and commercial products to the kiwi market. The focus of this website has been on pest control for about 10 years but now they are diversifying their product range.

Many new products are being added to the website on a daily basis including garden, health, cleaning products, sanitization items, home and living items, pest control and much more. This website is a vehicle to directly sell products to a wide range of customers online with a retail outlet also located in Silverdale, Auckland. This company is here to stay, constantly adding new and useful products to the range of items that they have for sale.

Beginnings in Water

The beginnings of this company were in selling water distillers to customers in New Zealand. The Pure Magic water distiller is one of their top selling products which has been widely sought after through NZ and ensures people that they are drinking the most pure and clean water available to them. With many different pollutants and additives in today’s water supply, this is a good way to ensure that the water that you are drinking is safe for consumption.

Pest Control Products

The company next forayed into pest control products with their well-known brand name Pestrol. This supplier offers pest control products to consumers in NZ and offers products that are safe, reliable, and extremely effective. No matter what type of pest you are dealing with, you can find a product that will help you to get rid of your pest issue from pesticides to live traps and every item in between. Pest problems can cause a lot of grief for homeowners and business owners alike, so it is important to find reliable products that deal with the issues promptly.

A full range of lifestyle products

This company is now moving into offering a wide range of lifestyle products including health and cleaning products. With viruses threatening our health and well-being, many of the products on offer are perfect for keeping people and their families safe. There are also some great products for commercial businesses such as hotels that need to sanitize rooms in between guests.  The main vision of the company is to offer top quality products for the consumer in NZ with the best products to improve everyone’s lifestyle and keep people optimally healthy.

If consumers are looking at the website and cannot find a product that they want, the company wants them to make contact and let them know what the product is so that they can look into it. They always want to offer top quality products and offer items that are sought after by consumers. The products offered by Lifestyle Focus are the best available in every product range and this company takes pride in not only selling but also manufacturing some of the best products available in those product ranges.

Fast delivery NZ-wide

The company promises fast delivery by using Courier Post but does admit the odd delay. They aim to get your products to you in 3 business days or less. There are thousands of satisfied customers across New Zealand that love the products offered by this company.

What types of products are on offer? Pest control products, formerly the main bread and butter of this website include products that effectively deal with any pest you can think of. If you navigate to the pest control section and start to look into these products, you will see that as you examine one product that many others are also suggested for you. Some of the products that are suggested may even be products that you have not considered. These pest control products are very high quality and effective, allowing the average homeowner or business owner to deal with pests and eliminate them without the expense of having to hire a professional pest control company.

Lifestyle Focus: trusted and reliable

Over many years this company has built a considerable reputation of trustworthiness and reliable products. There are many people who are happy with the products and have purchased again and again because they know that the products will work for what they need them for. Whether you are a homeowner or a businessowner, when you are looking for certain products you want to know that they are going to work and you don’t want to spend piles of money on products that are not reliable. Lifestyle Focus has always taken pride in creating products that people are looking for and that they will want to use time and time again.

There are many pest control products available, but they are not offered by a company like this one. Whether you have an ant issue, a bird problem, rodents, or furry critters, there are solutions that you can access through Lifestyle Focus that are ideal for any pest situation.

Commercial business owners are looking for solutions to sanitize their places of business and there are several products offered by this company that are helpful. The option of using a ULV Fogger to sanitize an entire room is a good one and helps businesses to stay within health guidelines for today’s virus challenges. Staying safe and healthy is completely possible when you have access to the wide range of products offered by this company.

As a company that has served New Zealand for many years, Pestrol Products (now known as Lifestyle Focus) is at the forefront of many people’s minds because they know that the products are reliable and good value for the money. This New Zealand company will be around for a long time because it continues to change and adapt to what people need and want from a lifestyle company. The products offered are relevant to all different people for business and home. Many of the products are professional grade at a consumer price and offer affordable solutions for people to be able to deal with pests, sanitize their home or business and maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good range of supplements.

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