Tiger Containers: The Best Shipping Containers In Australia

Tiger Containers is an Australian company that offers empty shipping containers through four conveniently located depots located in Fremantle, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. The parent company of Tiger Containers is Tyne Containers and is the largest independently owned and operated shipping container facility in Australia.

Tyne Containers: The Parent Of Tiger Containers

The Tyne group of companies has been in operation in Australia for over 30 years and services the shipping industry with shipping containers sales and hire. Tyne Containers takes its’ name from the structure located under a shipping container and is also the name for the lifting arms of a forklift. Tyne Containers has been in operation in Tempe, Sydney since 1975. The reason for the name “Tiger Containers” is that the company was established in 2008 which was the Chinese Year of the Tiger.

The directors of Tiger Containers are Mick and Aaron Powell and work with a dedicated team of exceptional people who work hard to offer services to people and businesses all through the continent of Australia. Tyne Containers has been operating for over 390 years to sell, modify and hire out shipping containers to Australian customers and offer their expert advice and knowledge to Tiger Containers.

Tiger Containers: More Than Shipping Container Sales and Hire

Tiger Containers not only hires and sells shipping containers, they also offer customised and modified shipping containers to suit the needs of each and every customer. Shipping containers have a wide range of uses including on-site offices, sheds for storage, kitchens, and tiny homes. In addition to the customisation service, Tiger Containers also offers repairs and maintenance on shipping containers that they sell and hire.

Shipping Containers: Affordable Storage Solution

These containers are often used one time to ship items from China to Australia, and they are quite expensive to manufacture. These containers can be repurposed and sold to customers who can still use them because they are well built and useful. If more storage is needed, these containers come in very handy because they can be placed where they are needed and can be used immediately, rather than having to build a structure. Additionally, shipping containers are a good option because they are extremely affordable, and many people are realizing the potential of shipping containers.

Tiger: containers at the right price

Tiger Containers has worked hard to ensure that people have access to the best quality shipping containers that are priced within the budget of the average person. One of the best features of shipping containers is that when one is purchased and the purchaser decides that they no longer need it, they can easily sell it back to Tiger Containers to recoup their purchase price. This is because shipping containers are so useful that they retain their value quite well and can be bought and sold many times.

Helping you all the way

The experts at Tiger Containers have many great ideas for the modification or alteration of containers. If you have been thinking about buying or hiring a shipping container it is a great idea to get in touch with Tiger Containers to talk to one of the consultants to see how a container can be useful for you. If you need the container modified or changed in any way, they can take care of it for you.

The 20-foot non-refrigerated shipping container is by far the most popular shipping container in the world. It is 35 metres wide, 36 metres high, 89 metres long and offers 33 cubic metres of space inside. The contents of a 3-bedroom home can easily be stored inside one of these containers. This size of container is widely popular and used most often because it is affordable and will fit the majority of what people want to store or ship.

The 40-foot shipping container is twice as big as a 20-foot container and offers up 66 cubic meres of space inside of it. These larger containers are ideal for larger removal jobs or when more storage is needed. They can also be converted into usable building space or offices for a much lower cost than building from scratch. Large machinery can be shipped in these containers or two to four cars. Furniture items that are too high for a standard moving truck can also be shipping in a larger shipping container such as a high cube container which offers an extra foot of room at the top.

Other shipping containers that are widely available include the open top shipping container which offers a solution for shipping tall items that will not fit into the high cube container. Heavy items can be loaded into open shipping containers with a crane and then covered with canvas to keep them secure and dry. The flat rack container is ideal for items that are too wide for normal enclosed containers.

Helping you get the perfect shipping container for your unique needs

If you are still undecided about what type of container you will need, the helpful staff at Tiger Containers has plenty of knowledge around what containers are useful for different purposes. Of course, if you are thinking about modifying the container, they can help with that too. If you need storage but have not worked on getting it because it is too expensive to build the storage facility that you need, you can save money and time with shipping containers being dropped off at your property and placed where they are needed.

Shipping containers are useful for so many applications and they are ideal for storage, auxiliary buildings or for temporary use. They are always in demand, so they can be bought and sold quite easily. If you have questions or just want to know more about these containers and how they might be useful for you, the staff at Tiger Containers is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They are always answering questions for people about these items and offering information on how these containers can be used in a wide range of situations.

Tiger Containers is a company that started before shipping containers were widely popular and is providing a service that thousands of people want and need. From storage to affordable housing, Tiger Containers offers many sizes of container and can modify them to suit your specific needs.

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