6 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Business Coach

If you’re feeling burned out or stuck with your work in terms of career advancement, or maybe your business is stuck somewhere and don’t know how to improve your journey, hiring a business coach can help you gain traction and have a better understanding of yourself.

By running your business, problem-solving is part of the traits and things that you do on a daily basis. You are faced with numerous problems that you have to solve to ensure that your business gets better and performs better. Take note though, that even if you’re doing this on a regular basis means that you don’t need a bit of advice. In fact, it pays to have a bit of help from someone to give you a new approach, a new perspective and a fresh set of ideas.

This is where a business coach enters the scene. They don’t just coach you related to business aspects, but they also help you become the best version of yourself to bring out the best version of your business as well.

Whether you’re planning on expanding your business, improving some of your recruitment processes, or simply wanted to improve the long-term goals and plans of your business, hiring a coach plays a crucial role. They are the ones who specialize in these areas of expertise and can genuinely and significantly help you grow your business. While we know that all of these are overwhelming, here are some of the benefits that you can expect when hiring one. Take these points to help you better understand whether a business coach is worth investing your money and time as well.

1. They Are Active Listeners

This is one of the most notable benefits of hiring a business coach. They are active listeners – they show that they are interested in whatever you’re about to say and they would also offer feedback in return. They pay attention to whatever you’re saying, whether these are problems in your HR department or some walls that you’ve hit while you’re running your business. Business coaches have been trained to actively listen and helpfully and positively respond to your concerns.

2. They Are Objective

Unlike your family and friends, who are most often involved in your life, a coach isn’t. They have a way of seeing things that you or a loved one may see differently. Their objectivity is one of the assets of a business coach and this is where you can get honest suggestions and feedback from them. 

Sometimes it can be tempting to work with a family friend or relative who is a business coach, but this isn’t always a great idea. Massage Therapist Virginia Mealing has had experience with this before and recommends to “find a business coach whom you have no personal connection with. Using a family member or friend as a business coach will make it difficult to separate business from personal relationships, and can lead to arguments and tension.”

3. You’ll Learn Lessons

Depending on your struggles and goals, your business coach may also assign some “tasks” or homework to you. These tasks let you look at your life and business differently. Some will ask you to write these in a journal, some may require you to list down your goals, network with other people, interview other people, or even ask you to read more and research more about a certain topic. It’s not a one size fits all so what your tasks will depend on your situation. As you go along the way, you’ll learn a thing or two (or even more) from these tasks which will help you grow as a business owner. Take note though that when you’re given a task, you need to take time to do it and reflect on it as this is a crucial step in helping your business grow. 

A business coach is there to assist you, but they simply can’t do it if you don’t cooperate with them and do what they’re asking of you. Business owner of Wayne’s Landscaping Patty Leglise recommends that “when you first meet with your business coach, identify what kind of work they will require from you and how much time it should take. Schedule an appropriate amount of time each week to work on implementing the coaches recommendations without being tempted to do other activities.”

4. They Will Guide You

Since you’re on the top of your business, guidance is often something that we don’t get as business owners, which is why we need someone like a business coach to guide us through the process. When working with a coach, it is important that you learn to trust their judgment and observations and follow their suggestions. Most often than not, the situations we’re in may appear blurry for us, clouding our judgment and decision-making process. This is where a business coach can help you as they usually see things that we don’t as a business owner. 

5. They Are Knowledgeable

One of the things that you’re paying for when hiring a business coach is their knowledge and expertise in the field. They are up to date on the latest trends, research, and strategies that work in the field. You’re paying to access that knowledge base through your coach, and they will help you apply what they know to your business. 

They can also tell you where to focus your energy. According to bookkeeping expert Peter Wilesmith, “one of the most significant would be to prioritise income-producing activities. This saw us introduce and focus on the services that produced a greater profit for our business. As a result, this gave us the cash flow required to continue offering the services that we loved but weren’t necessarily making me the most money.”

6. They Provide Helpful Insights

A business coach can provide helpful insights as a result of actively listening and observing your activities and methods at work. These insights may also include your behavior, and others as well, which will help you carry on with your business process. Most often than not, they can help you take down that brick wall that’s stopping you from growing as a business. Even after your coaching relationship ends, they are the ones that you can always carry with you and even work with in the future.

We don’t consider business coaching as a therapeutic process, but rather a professional journey that helps you unlock your potential as a business owner by giving you a better self-understanding and letting you perform actions based on the results. With the right business coach, you’ll find yourself doing better as a business owner, where you see your business grow as its cores are strengthened and as your creativity keeps flowing. 

As a matter of fact, hiring a business coach is often-times referred to as a life-changing moment in your business.

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