Tips For How to Design The Best Custom Sports Teamwear

Having a unique and custom sports team uniform can increase the recognition of your team. A team uniform helps to promote the feeling of togetherness and family among members of a team.  There are different kinds of uniforms for various sports. If you are searching for uniforms to buy for your sports team, one thing you can do is contact a custom design shop. This is the best solution to use if you would like to have your own unique and custom uniform designed for your sports team. 

Your design can be taken by a custom uniform store and printed onto your jersey along with the numbers, logos, names, and whatever information you would like to have. When choosing custom sportswear for a team, there are certain things that need to be considered to ensure you buy the right uniform.  

  1. Teamwear should be suited to the sport you play

The design and colour of the jersey should be vibrant and attractive and should serve the specific purpose of your sports team well. 

Logan Bond Cleaner Leon who plays in a weekend rugby competition, says that having gear suited to the sport is critical. “Certain designs are for certain sports, and perhaps more importantly, there’s specific types of fabrics and materials for rugby that would never do well with football. It’s simple things like that which really matter for the gear.”

The uniforms should have pockets so that small necessary items can be carried by the players, like a wrist band, handkerchief, ball, etc.  

  1. Make sure it’s a comfortable fit

When wearing a team outfit players need to be able to move around freely. The uniform should not fit tightly around joint areas such as the shoulders and knees. The uniforms should be made out of a lightweight fabric to keep the athlete’s body temperature down as they are playing their sport. 

  1. Durable material that is easy to maintain and clean

This is due to the fact that athletes wear their uniforms regularly and must wash them frequently.  The logo printing, in addition to the fabric, needs to be durable to make sure it doesn’t fade after being washed a few times. 

Adelaide osteopath Nikole plays in a Sunday league football team, and highlights the importance of having a jersey that doesn’t get ruined after one wash. “There’s been that many times where I put my jersey in the washing machine, and the sponsor on the front or my number on the back just peels off. It’s a nightmare, and it shouldn’t happen. You want to make sure the jersey and gear you have is of good quality that will clean properly when you wash it.”

If the uniform is made out of durable material, it will be able to withstand numerous washings and won’t need to be replaced too often. High-quality material may cost more, but your investment can be justified by the fact that it is long-lasting. 

  1. Consider your team’s traditional style 

Although designing a brand new jersey can be viewed as a chance to give a team a fresh new appearance, it is also the chance to further develop your team’s tradition and culture. When well-known team design features like butcher’s stripes and chevrons are incorporated, long-standing members will be kept happy. This will allow you to use the rest of the jersey to explore exciting new styles and keep everyone interested.  

  1. Write our ideas down to help you visualise them 

It is a lot easier to be engaged with your design when you can see it. You can either hire a designer, do it yourself, or have a junior member of the team do it. 

Nigel manages Australasian Leisure Management magazine whilst also playing weekend cricket, and says that getting the design right is critical for getting the best custom teamwear. “When it comes to what you wear on the field, you have to make sure the colours and design are things that everyone on the team are happy to wear. One easy way to get people’s opinions is to jot it down in notes, or even draw the shirt and hat and put the colours in to see how it’d look.”

It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece. Even a quick sketch can breathe new life into your design.

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