5 Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation

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We all know the feeling of booking a holiday to getaway and relax but coming home feeling more stressed than ever. There is so much planning that goes into a simple vacation and sometimes it can make you feel like there isn’t much point. Fear not, a stress-free travel experience is possible and we’ve compiled a list of tips to make it a reality. 

  1. Research and Plan

A lot of times when we travel we can find it hard to fit everything in and often will leave our holiday feeling like we’ve missed something. Doing research before you leave can help you to curate a list of things you want to do and allow you to rank them in order of importance based on reviews from other travellers. Planning is a crucial part of stress-free travel because it helps things run smoothly and can even help you save money by pre-booking activities at a discounted rate (see tip 5). 

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  1. Budget

We all know one of the greatest stresses in life is money. When we go on vacation, a lot of stress can come from either not having enough cash to enjoy everything we want to or spending way too much and leaving ourselves short for when we return home. A solid budget can help to curb both these issues. 

The team at Crew Financial recommend segmenting your costs into categories like:

  1. Travel Expenses: flights
  2. Transport: taxis, ferries, buses etc
  3. Accommodation: hotels
  4. Spending Money: for shopping sprees and souvenirs
  5. Activities or Events: tickets to shows, attractions, events, theme parks etc
  6. Food and Drinks: meals, alcoholic drinks and groceries
  7. Emergency Funds: medical and unexpected fees

Based on what you are doing you should allocate an appropriate amount to each cost category. Planning will be key for an accurate budget so research what everything costs before you leave. 

  1. Book with a Travel Agent

Travel agents build their careers on smart travel. They are super knowledgeable on the little things that make holidays run smoothly. Hiring a travel agent will help take the load off you and give you peace of mind that everything is booked correctly and you have got the best value for money. Travel agents can present you with options for the best value flights, transport, accommodation, tourist attractions and entertainment. They can also get you upgrades and easily switch bookings for you if plans change. 

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  1. Pre-book Transport

Waiting ages in line at the airport for a cab is no way to begin a relaxing vacation. Pre-booking a taxi, rideshare or private chauffeur to take you to and from the airport is an excellent way to alleviate stress and keep you on schedule. Ride share apps like Uber and taxi companies offer scheduled trips meaning you can book the night before and rest easy knowing you will have a ride that will get you to your flight or accomodation on time with no wait.

“We find our guests are always so much more relaxed when they have pre-booked their airport connection,” note Happy Days Moreton Island who specialise in holiday accommodation. “We have had people check in hours later than they planned because they were stuck at the airport in line for taxis and it always puts a damper on the first day of their holiday”.

If you want to go the extra mile you can hire a private chauffeur service.

“A private chauffeur is a great option particularly if you are going to a foreign country because they generally will pick you up inside the airport holding a sign with your name so you don’t get lost” says the team at iChauffeur Melbourne.

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  1. Shop for Deals 

Getting great value for money on a trip is possible even without a travel agent. The internet has a vast range of travel websites that boast fantastic deals and discounts for every destination. Using pages like expedia, tripadeal and webjet can help you find amazing deals for free meaning not only will you spend less, you will have less to think about as you can opt for all-inclusive packages. 

“Sites like Scoopon and Groupon are great if you want to check out deals on experiences and meals, literally everything you need for an exciting event can be found at a discounted rate online” says leisure specialist Nigel Benton. 

Whether you’re travelling internationally or domestic, these little hints can ensure your vacation is actually a vacation and you can return home feeling energised and rejuvenated, ready to take on anything. 

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