The Ingenuity of Flooring – Epoxy, Glitter and Parquetry Oh My!

When you think of a beautifully decorated interior, flooring likely isn’t at the forefront of your mind. Often the floor of our space isn’t seen as a space where we can be creative and normally we opt for a neutral floorboard, flat colour tile or plain carpet. You may be shocked to find more and more homeowners are completely reinventing their spaces with unbelievable, unique floors that command attention.

Photo supplied by Quality Epoxy Floors Brisbane


If you are looking for a versatile, heavy-duty flooring option, look no further than epoxy. The opportunities really are endless and there are a variety of options epoxy formulas to suit every space. 

Self-leveling epoxy is great for application over preexisting flooring that is cracked or damaged floors to form a smooth, durable surface. The epoxy comes in a variety of colours making it perfect for commercial and industrial spaces.

Epoxy gives you insane creative freedom, you can incorporate different textures and patterns into epoxy by adding coloured flakes or glitter. Not only will this add unique interest to your flooring, you can also use it to create subtle grooving on your floors to help with grip. 

“We use epoxy in commercial, industrial and residential properties, it is awesome because it’s strong and stain resistant” explains the epoxy flooring experts from Quality Epoxy Floors Brisbane.


Copper is a super trendy material that is commonly used in interior design because of its gorgeous colour. Copper flooring is a bold, new option that will give your space a futuristic, industrial look. Copper is a durable metal making it perfect for floors. Copper was recognised as the first antimicrobial metal in 2008, with studies finding solid copper surfaces killed 99.9% of microorganisms within 2 hours, making it a great choice for flooring. 

Photo supplied by Quality Timber Flooring Melbourne 


Parquetry is a historical flooring technique that utilises several small cuts of wood to make up a patterned floor. Parquetry can add texture and interest to your space in a subtle, sleek way. Parquetry is a fantastic flooring option because the pattern and colour options are vast. You can even make it sustainably by using a variety of recycled wood or off-cut timber. 

“Our clients love incorporating parquetry into their homes because it is so versatile” says parquetry flooring installers from Quality Timber Flooring Melbourne, “You can achieve a rustic look with raw parquetry or a modern look by adding a high gloss finish”.

Photo by ArtHouse Studio from Pexels


Mosaic is the best way to turn your flooring into a work of art. Mosaic floors are generally constructed from tiles made of glass, ceramic and stone but the colour, pattern, shape, size and material options really are infinite. You can create extravagant patterns or uniform designs with mosaic and best of all there are mosaic styles to suit virtually any interior design style.

Polished Concrete 

Polished concrete is considered one of the most durable flooring options available. Concrete’s natural grey colour when combined with a mirror gloss polish creates an uber modern, industrial look that would fit perfectly in a variety of interior styles.

“Polished concrete flooring can harden any existing floor foundation” explains Probuild construct, “A polished concrete floor will be super resistant to chemicals, scratches, wear and tear”.

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