Your Guide to Sun-Soaked Summer Activities

Finding ways to fill out the summer break can seem overwhelming but these fun activities will provide hours of entertainment while helping you get your daily dose of vitamin D. Read below our Sun-Soaked Summer Activities.

1. Water sports 

There’s no question that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the water over the summer, so why not spice it up with a board? There are a tonne of options for all ages and experience levels like: 

  1. Boogie boards: perfect for beginners and kids and will allow you to surf waves and float easily.
  2. Surfboards: require a little practice but once you’ve mastered the swell you’ll have a lifelong love.
  3. Wakeboards and kneeboards are the ultimate summer activity and are perfect for group outings. A wakeboard hooked up to a boat allows you to enjoy hours of adrenaline pumping fun.

Waterskiers Connection, an Australian water sport retailer says wearing a lifejacket and getting professional lessons from a reputable teacher before leaping into the water is essential. These steps will help ensure maximum safety and enjoyment.

A  professional surfing, kneeboarding or wakeboarding lesson would make an excellent Christmas gift and can provide a lifelong hobby. 

2. Chalk Murals 

Ready to soak up the sun and let your creative juices flow? Break out the chalk and set up camp on your driveway for hours of fun for the whole family.

“Creating art in the sunshine is a fantastic way to relax and can help you to express yourself and provide a sense of meditation” says Creative Art Therapy expert Natalie Crabtree. 

You can try playing a game of pictionary or hangman. Just be sure to use pastel based chalk not oil based as it can be harder to rinse off. For maximum fun with minimal mess opt for innovative chalk markers, they have a better flow and don’t leave a dusty mess. 

Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels

3. Creative a Fun Video

Making a movie is an awesome way to preserve your precious memories and keep yourself occupied for hours. Try creating a mock-documentary on your local town or an adventure short filmed in the bush. Your smartphone can be used to film and edit the footage that will be cherished for years to come. 

4. Go on a Riding Adventure 

An awesome way to see the great outdoors is on a bike or scooter. There are tons of tracks that run through national parks or alongside waterways that are scenic and rider friendly. If you’re planning on going a longer distance you could opt for an electronic bike or scooter which are easy to transport, eliminate the need for a car and don’t require petrol. 

“E-scooters are awesome because they allow you to travel further than you could walking but are way more cost-efficient and eco-friendly than cars” says E-scooter merchant Watt-A-Ride.

Photo by Varla Scooter from Pexels

5. Jump Rope 

It seems the age-old game of jump rope is making a huge comeback! Whether you’re skipping solo or playing double dutch with friends, jump rope is an awesome way to get your daily dose of exercise while enjoying some much needed vitamin D. Try looking up jump rope songs online to get the most out of your experience and keep the fun going.

“Jumping rope is absolutely fantastic because it gets your blood pumping without being too strenuous so it’s an awesome option for anyone looking to improve their health” says health consultant Vicki Witt.

Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

6. Clean Up Your Local Area

When you think of fun summer activities, picking up litter probably doesn’t come to mind. It may seem like an odd addition to this list but litter collection can actually be an extremely rewarding and entertaining experience. 

“Try visiting your local beach and looking for any litter that would otherwise go into our waterways and injure marine life” suggests the environmentalists from Buy Ecowise. 

Make a fun game out of it by challenging your friends and family to collect the most litter, it’s guaranteed to provide hours of fun, just make sure to wear heavy-duty gloves.

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