6 Famous Hiking Locations in Australia

Frankly, describing these six locations in detail would not do enough justice to these places. Everyone must visit these stunning places at least once and see the beauty and the life that they show us.

That’s why, the descriptions are short with comments from people who have actually visited these places. Because detailed word images are nothing compared to the real experience.

Here are six locations that you must go for hiking in Australia:

Blue Mountains, Katoomba

The Blue Mountains is a well-known destination for hikers and backpackers where people can find many different trails with various lengths and difficulties. There are also guided tours available for those of you who don’t know much about hiking but still want to experience this activity. And there’s the iconic Three Sisters waiting for you in the Blue Mountains. Split-system air conditioning expert Matt says, “Blue Mountains is the attraction of Katoomba and hiking there is a never ending ride. You always find a new route that you have never gone before.”

Mount Ainslie, Canberra

This beautiful mountain is located just outside the city of Canberra and offers a lot of amazing views and great hiking trails as well as other activities such as camping and biking and rock climbing spots located nearby make Mount Ainslie a great place for those who want to explore nature with friends.

Once you get to the lookout, you’ll be able to see the Parliament House, Lake Burley Griffin and Anzac Parade among others.

Mount Kaputar National Park, New South Wales

The great thing about Mount Kaputar National Park is that it has hiking trails for every skill level and the best part is you can even camp here for free! The park also offers many places to eat delicious food ranging from burgers to ice cream. Another plus side is that you can even see the glow worms at night.

This can be your getaway if you are a fan of diverse wilderness.

Blue Lake, Tasmania

Blue lake is home to some of the best hiking trails in Tasmania that are suitable for everyone ranging from beginner hikers to very experienced adventurers. The area also features many things you cannot find elsewhere, such as unusual rock formations and great views on top of some unique mountains. 

It is also known for its fairy penguins and other wildlife species that can be found swimming in the beautiful lakes or roaming through the forests. But be careful though because swimming for humans is unsafe due to toxic minerals after tin mining in the area. Bathroom renovations expert Leila  says, “The view at Blue Lake is stunning. Too bad that we can’t swim but I heard the blue colour is due to the minerals at the bottom.”

Mount Field, Tasmania

Mount Field also offers many amazing hikes such as Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake, however it’s most famous hike is to the top of Russell Falls where you will be amazed by the great view of Lake Dove and Mount Field. It’s also known for nesting of the endangered orange-bellied parrots which you can see in the winter season.

This place is famous for its cascading waterfalls, including the three-tiered Russell Falls.

Rahul from XTremeGym says, “Walking in nature, seeing the stunning cascading waterfalls just calms me down. And I always say to my clients, a healthy mind is the key to a healthy body.”

The Overland Track, Tasmania

The Overland Track is one of the most famous hiking trails in Australia where people come from around the world to hike this track. This track is suitable for everyone including children, teenagers, adults and even elder people who can enjoy their time in this beautiful place just by observing nature. 

You’ll get the chance to view world heritage listed sites like Cradle Mountain.

If you have made it this far then, you are a certified adventurer. And as I said in the beginning, these brief introductions are just teasers for the hiking adventure that awaits you, should you decide to go and visit these places.

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