How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Many homeowners would like to have a world-class designer create a luxurious, comfortable, and stylish space for them. However, this is often too expensive and out of reach.

Fortunately, you can achieve that higher-end look without breaking the bank whether you’re looking to sell your home or give it a more high-end appearance.

Here are some ideas for sprucing up the outside of your property in order to create a better first impression, as well as make it appear more costly.

a home with outdoor patio
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The Entrance

Making your home look nicer can be easy and cheap. You can do this by adding some curb appeal. This means making the outside of your home look better. You can also make a good first impression by improving your entryway.

To make your doorway stand out, use a darker hue with contrasting hues — it will also give your property an air of opulence without costing a fortune.

If you have empty space at the front, you can always repurpose that into a patio to add class for everyone to see. 

Perth-based patio company owner Ronald says, “Patios always add extra value and prestige to homes. And depending on the design of the patio you opt for, it can amplify the beauty of your home while giving it a classic and expensive look.”

Talking about patios, there’s another area that you can spice up to make your home look classy.


A modest investment in a new and improved footpath may dramatically improve your garden while also complementing your outside. Symmetry is wonderful, so place symmetrical planters on either side of the walkway leading to the entryway.

If you have a side yard or different parts of your house in the front, try to use colors, textures, patterns and lighting ideas that match. This will help create a flow and harmony for your home. Bricks, concrete blocks, stepping stones, and flowerpots can all be used to build a variety of straight or winding routes. For a good first impression, consider adding some lovely flora to your walkway and sidewalk.


When it comes to improving curb appeal, one of the most evident and efficient methods is to add some fresh greenery.

You don’t have to construct a full garden to add to the outside look of your house – simply install planters to accentuate and frame important visual elements like windows and entrances. The most beautiful way to brighten up your yard is by planting lovely flowers. If you don’t have room for standing planters, attach a hanging one instead. Maintain it properly watered to avoid brown patches.

In addition, you can install pergolas or shade sails, depending on your preference and space available. Pergolas and patios are a great combination if you get the design and the look right. Listen to pergolas installer Brad, “We’ve been installing pergolas for years and all our customers have said that adding pergolas to their homes had practical benefits and made their homes look aesthetically pleasing.”

a walkway leading to cozy home


Remove the dirt and grime from your siding, porch, pathway, and driveway with a power washer. You can hire a power washer from a local hardware store if you don’t have one. Remove any debris or cobwebs, especially around outdoor light fixtures, to make the area appear brighter and cleaner right away.

Gutter cleaning could be a DIY project, even if you don’t have any tools. Remember to clean out your gutters and scrub the outsides until they appear brand new.


Finally, fix anything that is broken! Even the tiniest flaws may stick out against a beautiful exterior, so be sure to deal with any mending, such as chipped paint, ripped screens, burnt-out bulbs, and other things you could find on the outside of your house.

Also, if you have any pest problem, it is imperative that you get it fixed. Hire a local pest control company to get rid of pests because they can destroy all the hard work you have done to beautify your home. 

Algester pest control expert John says, “Pest control is not only about health and safety. We have heard our clients say that eliminating pests immediately made them feel like they actually own the home now, because they won’t have to worry about pests anymore.”

Getting rid of pests will not only give you a peace of mind but also make you confident that when visitors come, they won’t see any of those nasty pests.

So, if you’re looking for a way to make your home look more expensive and classy, follow the advice here. But always pepper your personality along the process. After all, it is your house and hence a representation of who you are.

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