3 Stunning Places To Watch The Autumn Leaves Fall In Australia

Who doesn’t love Autumn? Like Goldilocks it is by far the perfect season – it’s not too hot and not cold.

Not only that, Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, as deciduous leaves turn to warm, crackling hues before falling to the ground.

Autumn leaves in Australia start to appear in early March, but the thick orange foliage you’re looking for is best viewed from late March to early May, depending on local weather conditions.

Whether you’re looking for a great photograph or the ideal picnic, here’s a rundown of the finest places in Australia to embrace Autumn.

Golden Valley Tree Park, Balingup, WA

The Golden Valley Tree Park is Western Australia’s biggest arboretum, covering 60 hectares. The park is open daily and is run by the Department of Environment and Conservation, which plans to make it a formal reserve. It contains over 3000 trees from over 1000 species, many of which are still alive after being planted more than a century ago.

Here a few:

  • A few Gingko trees grow near the picnic site. These trees, which were previously thought to be extinct, originated in China
  • There are only three distinct species of cedar endemic to Australia
  • Two large oak trees, adjacent to the picnic area, are known as the “Cleveland Oaks”


The Park has excellent picnic facilities (with wood provided for BBQs) and a space for kids to play safely.

The arboretum is worth a visit any time of year, but it’s especially stunning in the Autumn. “This is truly a hidden gem in Australia”, says a Century 21 real estate agent from Glenfield.

The Park is criss-crossed by numerous paths that lead to spectacular scenic overlooks. For the less daring, there is a 10-minute walk route that is simple to follow!

Image Source

Blue Mountains, NSW

The Blue Mountains in New South Wales is another great place to see autumn leaves. This World Heritage listed site is home to some of the most stunning scenery in Australia. The area is blanketed in lush greenery and is surrounded by towering mountains. In autumn, the leaves of the Eucalyptus trees that dominate the landscape turn a beautiful red, orange, and yellow colour – making for an incredible sight. For a hypnotherapist from NLP Institute, it is the “perfect place to retreat to relax and admire the Autumn colours”

For your fix of autumn, the main street of most mountain towns is covered with them. Blackheath, Leura, and Katoomba are good places to begin. Mt Tomah botanic gardens or Breenhold Gardens at Mt Wilson are places to go if you want a drive along the Bells Line of Road.

Buchan, VIC

Buchan is a lovely heritage town with next-level autumn beauty. These caves are as old as the city itself. That makes them one of Victoria’s first permanently inhabited settlements, which is pretty impressive. The beautiful fall colours are a great motivation to stay above ground this time of year.  The valley is dotted with huge European trees. Take a stroll down one of the many paths and enjoy the spectacular fall colours. “Autumn leaves were stunning as you stroll through and the country air smells amazing!” exclaims, a construction worker from the Little Project Builder on a weekend getaway.

A bonus to embracing the autumn leaves, the Buchan Caves Reserve is a lovely place to take in the scenery and relax with walking tracks and wildlife. Keep an eye out for indigenous animals that frequent the reserve, including kangaroos. Native birds such as the Bell Miner, Powerful Owl, Superb Lyrebird, and Pied Currawong may be spotted among the trees

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok

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