Benefits of Using a Property Management Company

A property management company can be a great resource for property owners who are looking to rent out their property. Property managers will come up with a property lease agreement and make it easy to collect, manage and disburse rental payments on time for the property owner’s tenant. The following are some of the mostContinue reading “Benefits of Using a Property Management Company”

The Ingenuity of Flooring – Epoxy, Glitter and Parquetry Oh My!

When you think of a beautifully decorated interior, flooring likely isn’t at the forefront of your mind. Often the floor of our space isn’t seen as a space where we can be creative and normally we opt for a neutral floorboard, flat colour tile or plain carpet. You may be shocked to find more andContinue reading “The Ingenuity of Flooring – Epoxy, Glitter and Parquetry Oh My!”